Electric Canary Designs

Altruistically transforming endangered garb into wearable art that is fun, unique, and environmentally friendly!

Electric Canary Meets Alchemy Open Studio!

We at Electric Canary chose the artists at Alchemy Open Studio Therapeutic Arts Center (AOS) to assemble our natural up-cycled accessories. This colorful, funky, one of a kind collection is a perfect match for the diversity of artists at AOS. Electric Canary’s wearable art is produced from re-purposed cashmere and wool sweaters, while AOS artists are finding new purpose and transforming their lives through this creative pre-vocational work experience. When you purchase an Electric Canary product, you invest in and give hope to the local artists who produced them.

“The magic of Alchemy Open Studio is our therapeutic community built around shared purpose, personal transformation, and independence through the arts,” says Executive Director Renee Bures. From clients who rise above physical and developmental challenges to individuals in recovery from trauma or addiction, this community of artists rebuild their lives one artwork at a time.

Alchemy Open Studio is a non profit therapeutic arts center in Doylestown, PA. It provides services to individuals with physical, emotional, social, or mental challenges. Through their holistic approach, clients are inspired to express themselves through art, music, writing, drama, and movement. This blend of arts and verbal therapy is engaging, provides clarity, and enhances communication.

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