Electric Canary Designs

Altruistically transforming endangered garb into wearable art that is fun, unique, and environmentally friendly!

Our Mission

The idea of Electric Canary was born during the time I was working at a thrift shop in Smalltown, USA. Every month hundreds of huge bags of clothing went to recycling. That was just one little shop, in one little town, in one state, in one country. I couldn’t even imagine how high the pile would be if it were the entire world’s.

Being a sculptor, I was always imagining what could be done creatively with used clothing. I would imagine all the towns connecting by lining up all the unwanted shoes to make a line that stretched across the country. Or giant three-story-high balls made of sweaters. What I ended up doing was not so dramatic, but is still beautiful, sculptural, and gives some of that clothing a second life.

All of our items are made from recycled clothing. Each one is unique and contains the artistic spirit that is at the core of Electric Canary.

Thank you for supporting Electric Canary. By purchasing our items you are supporting artists, as well as the world we all share.

– Camille Whiteman, Head Designer

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